Global Citizenship and Leadership

The idea of global citizenship is that a person is aware of the interconnectedness among people, societies and environments around the world. A global citizen understands and respects that they are active and contributing members of their own community, their greater society and the world around them.

A Northholm Grammar education encourages our students to serve others, find purpose and become positive influences in the world. Central to actioning this philosophy at Northholm is our formal Leadership program, which gives students opportunities to work together to develop their skills and make a real difference to the Northholm community. Northholm’s leadership groups include the Peer Support Program, Primary Years Captains, House Captains, the Prefect Body and the Student Representative Council.

Each organisation has their own goals and portfolio of responsibilities, participating in forums, debates, House spirit and the planning and coordination of activities. Students develop the skills essential to build confidence, friendships, collaborative skills, decision-making competencies and trust in each other and themselves, which represents the four key dimensions of student leadership at Northholm: leading self, leading academically, leading with others and changing your world.

Northholm recently welcomed and celebrated the appointment of our 2023 senior student leaders at the Leadership Investiture Service. This outstanding group of students will help foster the culture of Northholm, through the ‘Our School’ values which includes Learning through Scholarship, Caring for Others and Self, Living a Faithful Life and Contributing to the Community.

In addition, the principles of servant leadership are reflected through Northholm’s service programs and outdoor experiences such as The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Program, camp experiences, mentoring, and individual and group fundraising efforts. These experiences allow students to become self-aware of their own skills and impact, grow communication skills, learn how to be a positive influence on those around them and learn when to action change and support others to do so. Embedding ‘service as a habit’ and ensuring students have a clear path for making an individual contribution to the community and environment, is a key aim of the School’s programs.

These initiatives, among others, continue the Northholm traditions and commitment to providing students with the opportunities, knowledge, skills and personal attributes to live a purposeful life as responsible and compassionate future global citizens.

Northholm Grammar Principal with student leaders