Your child will discover a love of learning and find purpose at Northholm Grammar. Every child is known and understood as an individual, with personalised learning delivered within an All-through School Framework from Kindergarten to Year 12.


Our approach to teaching is guided by a belief in ‘academic intentionality with pastoral attentiveness’, which means encouraging academic rigour and independent thinking alongside providing the support necessary for personal growth and development.


Northholm Grammar ensures that the focus is on learning and even more importantly the learner, so we are able to have conversations and develop plans that awaken a learner’s curiosity, discover inherent learning skills and master 21st century skills in the areas of reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving.


In our Primary Years (Kindergarten to Year 6), the curriculum is focused on developing the core skills of literacy and numeracy, learning critical and creative thinking, encouraging imagination and promoting independence.  In the Secondary Years (Years 7 to 12), students are encouraged to serve others, to find purpose and are instilled with the determination and character to succeed. In addition to the New South Wales Board of Studies mandatory subjects, students from Year 9 onwards are able to select from a broad range of electives to match their interests and talents.


Students requiring additional support are supplied Personalised Education Plans from the Learning Support Team designed to ensure that all students receive the opportunity to achieve their true potential.