Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education

Enterprise education is pivotal in providing a holistic and broad experience for our students in preparing them with the skills and confidence to enter an ever-changing work environment. The aim is to develop our student’s financial capability and economic and business understanding.


At Northholm Grammar, we want our students to have the ability to be innovative and creative, to take risks and to manage them and to have a can-do attitude that will drive change and innovation. We recognise the importance of managing one’s own finances and being informed consumers of financial services. Our program also instils in our students an understanding and appreciation of the modern business context, leadership and management. Our students will leave Northholm Grammar as confident, financially mature and self-sufficient young people, able to meet the challenges and opportunities of adulthood.  


Our Enterprise Education Program will be launched in 2021 for Years 9 and 10 and includes the following modules:  


  • Financial Literacy 101

Students will be introduced to budgeting, credit card management, saving, banking and taxation.   

  • Personal Effectiveness Program
    Students will have the opportunity to work with experts in the field and develop an understanding of the following areas:   
    • Communication skills, covering effective presentations, verbal communication, written communication and public speaking.
    • Career development skills including case practice, interview skills, CV writing, networking and business etiquette.
    • Personal Brand and Social Media (How to use LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram).
    • Team skills including managing conflict, cultural awareness, giving and receiving feedback, and resilience. 
    • Year 10 Work Experience Program.
  • General Business Leadership and Management

Students will explore more sophisticated concepts in entrepreneurship and enterprise education such as:

    • Leadership Development and People Management
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Human Resources   
    • Entrepreneur Mindset
    • Marketing and Communications
    • Risk and Compliance  


The Entrepreneurship Department also coordinates the Year 9 Market Day and Year 10 Australian Business Week.