Leadership and Global Citizenship

Northholm Grammar believes young people need guidance and opportunity to find purpose in their lives and help them become positive influences in the world. Student Leadership programs at each level of schooling give our students the chance to discover and develop their leadership potential. Students are encouraged to participate in forums, debates, peer tutoring and mentoring programs, as well as service programs and outdoor experiences. All students are provided with age-appropriate opportunities to develop leadership capacity as both individuals and within teams through roles in and outside the classroom, developing the attributes they need to lead lives as responsible and compassionate global citizens.


Central to our strategic vision in achieving academic intentionality with pastoral attentiveness through a balanced education is student leadership. The school’s formal leadership development program is based on the principles of servant leadership where students reflect on the following critical questions: ‘Who am I?’, ‘Where do I fit in?’ and ‘How can I best serve others?’. 

Developing future leaders and global citizens at Northholm

Student Leadership Framework

There are four keys dimensions to student leadership at Northholm Grammar. 

  • Leading Self
  • Leading Academically
  • Leading with Others
  • Changing Your World


These attributes are able to be measured through our Leadership Indicator for Students metrics and can be linked to key drivers of school success: school engagementsense of belonging and grades.


The Fundamental Four Competencies of a Northholm Leader

Leaders at different levels in any school environment face different challenges. As a result there are four leadership skills that a Northholm graduate needs to learn and master.   


Self-Awareness: To understand your behaviour’s impact on school outcomes.


Communication: To effectively communicate goals and inspire trust.


Influence: To be comfortable persuading, promoting and delegating.


Learning Agility: To know when to change course and to help others do so.

Peer Support

The Peer Support Program links new students with existing students across different year groups. The Peer Support Program encourages confidence, friendship and trust among students as they settle into their new school.


Primary Years

Primary Years Captains run the Primary Years’ assemblies and represent Northholm Grammar at community events. House Captains assist in the organisation and running of House sports, activities and sports carnival. They also record and tally House points from each year group, announcing the results at assemblies.

Supportive relationships between peers at Northholm Grammar

Year 11 Leadership

The Year 11 Leadership Program is a voluntary program in which students participating in this program take responsibility for the coordination of a broad range of service initiatives, including the organisation of charity events, assisting at school events and fundraising.

The Prefects

The Prefect Body is composed of Year 12 leaders including two School Captains, the Senior Prefect (Community/Houses), the Senior Prefect (Character/Co-Curricular) and supporting prefects who have key responsibilities in the promotion and development of academic and character programs that encourage student involvement throughout the year.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Led by the Senior Prefect (Character/Co-Curricular) and supported by the Prefect Executive, as well as two members from each year level from Year 7 to Year 12, the SRC meets every fortnight to discuss important issues and make plans for the growth of the School.