Kindy – Year 2

Northholm strives to foster a love of learning through play, inquiry and a hands on approach towards learning in Kindergarten to Year 2. During these years, the love of learning is nurtured and fostered to create a culture of education that extends beyond the classroom. Students engage with a variety of tools to build knowledge, skills and understanding to form a strong foundation.


During their first formal years of schooling, students embark on learning journeys that provide pathways towards independent learning and intrigue. Facilitated and guided by the teacher, the focus is on learning through play in order to develop understandings of concepts. They are encouraged to verbalise their thought processes and participate in daily routines.


Learning in English consists of daily reading, writing, speaking and listening techniques. Mathematics involves warm-up games to activate earlier learning in engaging and energetic ways, followed by explicit teaching of mathematical concepts that relate to real life contexts. We ensure learning for Kindergarten to Year 2 is individualised, purposeful and meaningful.


To learn more about Northholm’s Early Learning Years program, download our Kindergarten to Year 2 brochure by completing the form at the link below.

Kindergarten to Year 2 at Northholm

Information Technology

Information Technology has been integrated into classroom teaching through the early years in order to expose students to ways that technology can enhance learning. Teachers work closely with parents to ensure that the transition for formalised learning is seamless and supportive for both student and parent.