Scholarship and Learning

Northhholm Grammar is driven by a deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning and is committed to a philosophy of ‘Learning through Scholarship’.


Scholarship is about encouraging intellectual rigour, independent thinking and valuing academic study and achievement. We want our students to be challenged and to develop a love of learning so they can harness the intellectual habits that will allow them to be independent and confident. It is our intention that scholarship is what our students will take from School and leadership is what they will give to the world.


We know that education is more than grades. In order to instil in our students’ the determination and character to succeed, our students are encouraged to serve others, to find purpose, and to aim for their personal best.


Northholm Grammar is committed to ensuring that our learning culture is purposeful both inside and outside of the classroom. A culture that is intentional in promoting learning is one that fosters continuous improvement for students and teachers. Our purpose is to create a learning culture where every student has a willingness and ability to learn, to lead and to serve so they can enjoy a life that is worthwhile and well-lived.

A culture of scholarship values each student individually, and the learning environment, so that they can reach their potential.

Junior students in classroom at Northholm

Personalised Learning

Our small class sizes and welcoming community allows teachers to form strong, meaningful relationships with our students. In creating a safe, respectful and tolerant environment, we inspire students to engage in the learning process and instil a desire for success. The personalised care we provide enables our teachers to help students identify realistic goals for their academic, social and spiritual development.


Teachers pride themselves on their knowledge of each student’s individual needs and utilise their diverse learning experiences to accommodate the different learning styles and interests. Ongoing and regular communication is key to our approach. Tutors and class teachers meet regularly with their students to discuss their progress and then communicate with parents about the students’ successes and challenges.

Learning Enrichment

The Learning Enrichment Team works closely with teaching staff to provide in-class support and small group and individual tuition. They provide teachers with profiles which feature each students’ individual learning needs and the teaching strategies required to meet these needs. Personalised Education Plans (PEPs) are created for students who need adjusted programs. A comprehensive approach of monitoring, reviewing and communicating students’ needs gives Northholm the knowledge required to help all students succeed.

Collaborative learning at Northholm