Our Graduates

Northholm Grammar is committed to producing graduates of character. It is our hope that they find a sense of belonging combined with the achievement of their full potential at school so they can leave as strong independent citizens capable of making ethical decisions and taking on the many challenges that come their way. Our graduates are well prepared for the next stage of their lives through a whole education which has been based on:


Learning through Scholarship – Determined, disciplined, and resilient critical thinkers and problem-solvers who are equipped with a detailed knowledge of their chosen field.


Caring for Others and Self – Authentic, interested, and respectful team members who are imbued with a deep understanding of and respect for the needs of others.


Living a Faithful Life – Confident, courageous, and well-mannered people of integrity who are formed through inclusive, humble, and sincere Christian principles.


Contributing to the Community – Charitable, generous, and selfless citizens who contribute and lead sincerely outside their immediate sphere.


Our commitment to pastoral attentiveness reflected in our House System and Tutorial Program is deliberate and intentional in growing and developing fine young men and women. Good people are committed to becoming virtuous. They have a coherent set of values and beliefs that guide them to do the right thing and to live a good life as best as they can. It is this commitment that makes up the basis of their ethics. They use honesty, responsibility and courage to the best of their ability to show the character required to stand strong in the face of adversity and place the needs of others before self-interest. They do their best to align their values, dispositions, actions and their consequences.


None of us are perfect, particularly when it comes to putting into place difficult values like honesty, responsibility and courage. But good people demonstrate their commitment enough to show the character required to stand strong in the face of adversity and place the needs of others before self-interest. They constantly work towards improving their character, and they recognise that this competency in character involves demonstrating integrity by aligning values, dispositions, and actions associated with their civic, performance, and moral character. This relies on the capacity to demonstrate quality and consistency in fulfilment of obligations to others, striving to reach their potential and acting in accordance with fundamental beliefs about what is good and right.

Joel Cassar Northholm Alumni

Excellence Beyond Northholm

The School has a proud history of students who have gone on to achieve success responsible and compassionate global citizens.


Joel Cassar

2019 Graduate


Former Prefect Joel Cassar is currently working towards his goal of becoming a doctor by studying Medicine at Western Sydney University. At Northholm, Joel scored an ATAR of 97.30, achieving Band 6 results in Mathematics Extension I, Mathematics Extension II and Chemistry and scoring high Band 5 results in both English Advanced and Physics.


“I am currently studying a Doctor of Medicine degree at WSU and hoping to eventually specialise as an oncologist,” Joel says. “I am also looking forward to working for several years after graduation in rural Australia as part of a special program that helps to meet the demand for doctors in areas which have workforce shortages.”


Joel credits the emphasis of goal setting, a hardworking approach to his studies, being responsive to teacher feedback and strong study relationships with peers as some of the reasons for his success at Northholm.


“While at Northholm I enjoyed the small class sizes and subsequent academic support available to me from the teachers. I also really enjoyed the variety of leadership opportunities available to me toward the end of my time at school.”