Developing Character

We understand that young people need guidance to find the personal interests and passions that will give their lives purpose and help them become positive influences in the world. As a school with inclusive Christian values, welcoming families of all faiths and embracing diversity, we provide opportunities for all students to develop the attributes they need to lead lives as responsible and compassionate citizens.


Our educational philosophy values a holistic education and our strong commitment to developing the intellectual, cultural, creative and spiritual capacities so our students are empowered to embrace the future with confidence and compassion.


‘The Northholm Way’ encapsulates our strong commitment to the formation of good character that:    


  • Recognises and establishing a learning environment that enables students to uncover their talents to make a positive contribution when they leave school. The development of good character means challenging and stimulating young people in resilience, grit, leadership, critical thinking and emotional intelligence which lies at the heart of a true education. ‘Giving it your best’, handling setbacks/adversity and dealing with difficult circumstances is what we seek to produce in every Northholm graduate.      


  • Is centred on allowing students to grow as individuals and find their passions so they can lead a well-rounded life and contribute to a thriving society. Our intention is to develop confident and compassionate students, who are effective contributors to society, successful learners, and responsible citizens. We have a moral obligation to provide a learning environment where our students can grow in their understanding of what is good and develop their ability to protect and advance what is good. They need to develop a commitment to serving others, which is an essential manifestation of good character in action. Character involves caring for and respecting others as well as caring for and respecting oneself.


  • Is about enabling our young men and women to become good citizens, able to lead rich lives, as well as become ‘successful’ persons. A strong education is concerned centrally with the formation of character and benefits from a deliberate and well-intentioned approach to character development. A sense of belonging and the active participation within the Northholm community is a deeply formative experience that allows students to develop, amongst other things, their character.
Building character at Northholm

Character Development Programs

Spiritual and personal growth, and emotional and social wellbeing, is developed through a range of programs:


A Pastoral Care program, supported by the House system, which provides a network of support, encouragement and guidance.


Co-curricular opportunities which allow students to find their personal passions, gifts and interests to give their lives purpose.


Leadership programs which encourage students to participate in forums, peer mentoring, tutoring and representation.


Service Learning includes students of all ages, in association with charitable organisations and community groups, to develop an attitude of selflessness and care for their community.


A Chapel program that enables all students to explore the links between Christian values and contemporary life.