Creative and Performing Arts

The All-through School approach to learning in the Creative and Performing Arts allows students to experience meaningful and well-implemented programs that guide students through a breadth of content, techniques, skills and experiences. Starting their CAPA Education in Kindergarten, students are invited to explore the creativity within themselves and the world around them through deliberate, engaging and challenging classes and opportunities. 


Our purpose built Arts spaces include a Drama Room, Orchestra Room, Music Studio and Visual Arts studio to support a series of dynamic learning experiences such as classes, workshops, showcases and one-on-one mentoring. The CAPA team is comprised both curriculum specialists and practising industry experts as teachers. From Kindergarten through to Year 10, students experience visiting artists, musicians and actor workshops, as well as yearly industry excursions. We encourage students to engage in Sydney, state and national competitions, events and collaborations. In our Senior Years teachers and students work together to form ongoing relationships with professionals that will support their learning and development as young performers and artists for both their Higher School Certificate Examinations, Major Works and post School professions.

Creative and Performing Arts at Northholm

Curricular and Co-Curricular

Northholm Grammar offers a balance of scholarship and co-curricular opportunities as part of our philosophy of establishing academic greatness through the dedication of passion, self-expression and sustained practice. The practice of the Arts fosters the development of creative passions, as well as teaching student’s language and communications skills; helping them to interpret and respond effectively and confidently with others. In addition to undertaking creative and performing endeavours as part of the curriculum, an extensive range of creative tours, ensembles, bands, drama clubs and productions are offered to students from Years 3-11 through lunchtime and after school programs. We believe it is fundamental to a student’s creative success to provide a platform for students to demonstrate their accountability, pride and professionalism towards their field of creative expertise, therefore, throughout the year the School holds annual Showcases curated by K-12 students for the community. 


Co-curricular music is a vital part of life at Northholm and students are actively encouraged to participate in the extensive music program. More than one third of the school are currently involved in music ensembles across a diverse range of musical activities. Students of any age are able to select from a broad range of instruments including woodwind, brass, string, percussion or vocal. Students can choose to join one or several of the many groups including concert bands, stage band, choirs and rock bands as well as flute, string, percussion, brass and guitar ensembles according to their ability. Weekly private lessons are available for Primary Years students with specialist music teachers on instruments which include cello, clarinet, tenor sax, baritone sax, French horn, euphonium and tuba.


Performance opportunities are offered through the school’s three-day Music Camp, Jazz Café, the Yamaha Festival, Annual Music Showcase Concert, Carols Night and Speech Night. There are also performance opportunities at assembly, at lunchtime, in the evenings and on weekends.

Northholm music student playing flute


Those with an interest in Drama are able to get involved in stage productions as performers and behind the scenes as crew. The Co-Curricular Drama productions see students across vertical years groups collaborating together to create spectacular performances enjoyed by their fellow students, families and the greater community. Lunchtime drama groups also allow younger students further exposure to the benefits of drama.


Visual Arts

Northholm also offers students with an interest and affinity for Visual Arts the chance to expand their learning with extra lessons beyond the classroom. Classes after school or at lunchtime are given by practising artists in drawing and ceramics. The School has a proud history of award-winning artists at shows including the Castle Hill Show and the Sydney Royal Easter Show across mediums including drawing, ceramics, sculpture, painting and more.