Educational Philosophy

Your child’s individual needs will be understood and nurtured as they discover a love of learning and find purpose at Northholm. Northholm Grammar is academically rigorous, but not selective. Welcoming all students, we stand for excellence and aiming for your personal best. We recognise that each child is motivated differently and has a range of interests and talents. In preparing our young men and women for life, we grow and develop each student intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.


The four key pillars of a Northholm education are:


Learning through Scholarship by challenging our students with high academic standards, inspiring teaching, personalised learning and purposeful curriculum,


Caring for Others and Self which focuses on individual growth, social and emotional development and wellbeing,


Living a Faithful Life in which inclusive Christian values are enacted to develop character, and


Contributing to the Community that promotes in each student a sense of belonging and desire to serve their community.


The educational philosophy of Northholm Grammar is achieved through its structure as an All-through establishment (Kindergarten through to Year 12).


The school offers a comprehensive and consistent approach to the academic and pastoral development of each student throughout the Primary and Secondary Years through its belief in ‘academic intentionality with pastoral attentiveness’. Students enjoy the direct product of the proximity of younger children to older ones through student-to-student mentoring, the provision of excellent role models for younger students, as well as leadership and mentoring opportunities to develop confidence, resilience and character.


A culture of scholarship is designed to encourage intellectual rigour, independent thinking and valuing academic study and achievement. Students are challenged and motivated to develop a love of learning so they can harness the intellectual habits that will allow them to be independent and confident.


Our approach to personalised learning is defined as:


  • An educational approach that reflects our school-wide commitment to moral purpose, scholarship and high excellence in challenging, supporting and knowing every student;
  • An educational strategy that relates to, and builds on, the learner’s experience, knowledge and cognitive development, developing student confidence and competence, leading towards autonomy and self-actualisation;
  • An educational attitude that focuses on the individual potential of each student (as a learner and a person), developing the individual’s learning skills and their ability to master life after school.         
Northholm Grammar students

All-through School

The All-through School Framework, delivered alongside a philosophy of academic intentionality with pastoral attentiveness, is designed to develop student skills so they can seamlessly transition through all the school phases from Kindergarten to Year 12. In addition to learning the core capabilities and techniques required in a high-performance school culture, Primary Years students are able to forge long-term relationships with peers and staff, and establish routines, that they bring with them into the Secondary Years. As they move through the phases (Kindergarten to Year 2, Years 3 to 6, Years 7 to 10 and Years 11 and 12), the benefits of a consistent educational ethos and continuous progress tracking supports our student’s personalised learning journey in a safe and familiar environment all through their schooling.

Responsive Teaching

We have embraced a framework which provides teachers with the skills and classroom practices intended to create safe, joyful and engaging classrooms. Practices are based on promoting high expectations of intellectual rigour and the deliberate practice of making sustained efforts for improvement within a quality learning environment. Teaching is informed by results, assessment, positive and caring student-teacher relationships and ongoing feedback.


High Quality Educators

Passion for their subject, positivity in their outlook and dedication to building a trusting and supportive culture are hallmarks of Northholm teachers. Enjoying the benefits of small class sizes where they can get to know each student on an individual level, our staff share in our desire for excellence in learning. Our teachers are regularly appraised, receive ongoing professional development and work collaboratively to ensure we continue to apply best-practice teaching to your child’s education.