Our Staff

At Northholm, your child will be taught by inspiring teachers, passionate about their teaching area, who take the time to build real relationships with students and their families.  Dedicated to building a trusting and supportive culture and sharing passion for their subject are hallmarks of a Northholm educator.


We take pride in the high calibre of our staff and their expertise at applying teaching best practice to make every young person’s learning experience engaging, creative, fun and successful. Teaching methods and classroom practices are focused on delivering a personalised learning experience for every child – tailored to individual need, interest and aptitude – enabling every student to fulfil their potential. 


Using responsive teaching, Northholm’s committed and conscientious staff understand and adapt to the different ways students achieve their best. We respond to individual students and their needs by creating an educational path that takes in account the stages, challenges, aspirations and interests, generates excellence and contributes to the social and emotional development of each child.


Our focus is to touch hearts as well as minds, nourish an appetite for learning and help equip your child with proficiency and confidence to pursue understanding of themselves.


Professional development

Our aim is to develop and grow excellence in teaching, especially curriculum expertise and pedagogical practice through evidence-based and research-driven professional reflection and continuous improvement. Northholm Grammar has established the Professional Teacher Practice and Growth Model which includes an annual process of reflection, data-gathering, classroom observations, evaluation, goal-setting, career guidance, and professional growth planning conducted with supervisors. Teachers engage in a Professional Reading Program, to develop and grow knowledge of professional practices, and Best Practice in Teaching and Learning Conversations, at every staff, academic and pastoral meeting to discuss their experience and reading findings. A collaborative learning environment between K to 12 teachers has allowed Northholm Grammar to foster a culture of educational research as a community of inquiry and practice.