Years 7 – 8

Northholm students continuing their learning journey from Primary Years bring established routines, long term relationships with peers and staff and core capabilities into Secondary Years.


We recognise that young people are happiest when their learning environment is relevant and enriching, when they are challenged by a variety of appropriate learning experiences and when they are encouraged to be responsible and accountable for their learning.

Years 7 and 8 and Northholm

Year 7

Secondary School Transition

The Year 7 Program at Northholm bridges the conventional primary and secondary divide by responding to the specific developmental needs of young adolescents.


Year 7 students enjoy all of the benefits associated with small class sizes, including the more personalised attention they receive from passionate teachers whose role is to help them discover their talents, interests and passions; to develop a positive self-concept that enables them to engage with life in more meaningful ways.



Subjects for Year 7 include:

  • English (Core A)
  • History (Core A)
  • Science
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education)
  • Creative and Performing Arts (Visual Arts, Music and Drama)
  • Design and Technology, and
  • Faith and Life.

Core Program

Northholm offers a unique program for Year 7 students by placing them in Core A Classes for English and History. This means they have a single consistent teacher and peers for both curriculum areas throughout the year. In addition, the Core Teacher acts as a pastoral mentor to students in their Core Classes. The Core Teacher plays a critical role in helping the students identify and achieve their goals and acts as the first point of contact for parents regarding their child’s wellbeing and development. The result is that the teacher is able to build a stronger relationship with our students as they make the transition into the Secondary Years and are able to provide consistent monitoring of the student’s progress both academically and socially. The outcome is that Year 7 becomes a unified cohort with a strong sense of connectedness and belonging.

Northholm Grammar students

Year 8

Year 8 students continue the same academic program as Year 7 with the addition of French. Classes are undertaken with specialised teachers in English, Mathematics, Science, Geography and History in fit-for-purpose classrooms. The Year 8 Leadership Program, Year 8 Captains and House Captains take responsibility for a range of activities and events including representing the school in community service initiatives.

Beyond the Classroom

From Year 7 onwards, students are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their learning, supported by our caring staff. Year 7 and Year 8 students undertake outdoor education in the form of camps to challenge them, build self-esteem and foster cooperation and teamwork.