Our Heritage

Northholm opened in Arcadia in 1983 under a vision of a small, caring school which would foster the worth of the individual, encourage academic excellence and promote Christian values.  It was to be a family-centred school which looked upon its students, parents and staff as part of a welcoming community striving for a common goal. This spirit was evident in the remarkable efforts of the founding parents, School Council and staff who established the school and then worked to build an impressive reputation of academic, pastoral and co-curricular achievement.   Since its establishment Northholm has remained true to its original charter by providing a comprehensive education for students of all abilities and interests irrespective of faith, culture or family background. Our spirit of community and the caring nature of our teachers continue to be our most distinguishing features.

Our Name

Northholm Grammar’s name originated from a discussion between our Founding Headmaster, Mr Ronald Chambers, and Founding Chairman, His Honour Dr John Lincoln AM.   Mr Chamber suggested the School’s name include the word “Holm” — a type of oak and a symbol of prosperity, strength, stability and comfort. Dr Lincoln proposed “North” be added to suggest Sydney’s Northern Hills and Hornsby Shires which the School would serve. Thus the name Northholm was adopted.