We believe the physical and mental challenges of individual and team sports help students learn about themselves and develop real world skills including teamwork, persistence and resilience. All students are encouraged to participate actively in a broad range of sports. The inclusive nature of our sports program promotes a positive attitude towards health and fitness and a love of physical activity for its own sake.


Northholm offers many opportunities for your child to engage in healthy competition and the school has enjoyed a long tradition of sporting success. Northholm has been represented at state and national levels in a range of school sports including athletics, cricket, cross country, diving, equestrian, go-karting, football, rugby union, swimming, taekwondo and triathlon.


Our sports program schedule also allows for students to further pursue their own particular sporting interests through local club sports. Many of our students excel in these chosen sports with some going on to participate at international level.

Netball is one of the sports offered at Northholm

Primary Years

Students have opportunities to develop skills in a range of appropriate sports as part of the in-school sports program. They also participate in sports carnivals for athletics, cross country and swimming at both school and representative levels wherever age permits.


In addition to timetabled sports, students can also participate in a number of different activities throughout the year. The options for these changes seasonally and according to interest of our students, often including swimming, tennis, tee ball, league tag, soccer, netball, cricket and basketball.

Secondary Years

Students are actively encouraged to participate in an extensive sports program that includes annual carnivals in athletics, cross country and swimming at both school and representative levels.


They are also able to represent Northholm in any of the team sports offered as part of the after-school sports competitions. While these may change according to the interests of our students, we have traditionally participated in basketball (summer and winter), cricket, equestrian, football, futsal, hockey, indoor cricket, mountain bike riding, netball, rugby union, snowsports, softball, swimming, tennis, touch football, triathlon and volleyball.

Sports at Northholm


Northholm is a member of the Hills Zone Sports Association, a collection of schools in Sydney’s Hills region. In the Primary Years, the association provides opportunities for students to take part in gala days and inter-school sport throughout the year. In the Secondary Years, students take part in championship days in inter-school sport, as well as having the opportunity to represent their school in AICES (Association of Independent Co-Educational Schools), CIS (NSW Combined Independent Schools) and NSW All Schools competitions.