Years 11 – 12

In Years 11 and 12 students prepare for life beyond Northholm. Our students are encouraged to strive for excellence in all that they undertake both within and outside the classroom. As a result of this support our students leave school with the wisdom to make considered decisions, the courage to stand firm on matters of importance, the compassion to serve others graciously and the academic achievement that comes from disciplined study in a supportive environment.


The primary focus is working to achieve the NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC). To be awarded this certificate, students must complete 12 units of study for the Preliminary Higher School Certificate in Year 11 and a minimum of 10 units of study for the Higher School Certificate in Year 12.


It is a requirement of the HSC that two units of English are completed, but for the remaining units students are able to select from a wide range which relate to their interests and abilities. For students interested in vocational courses, Northholm offers opportunities to study Primary Industries or to undertake a course within the Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE.

Land revegetation and care at Northholm Grammar


Year 11 and 12 students at Northholm are able to select from the following subjects:

Agriculture Food Technology
Ancient History French Continuers
Biology Geography
Business Studies Legal Studies
Chemistry Modern History
Design and Technology Mathematics (Standard, Advanced, Extension I, Extension II)
Drama Music (Music I, Music II, Extension)
Economics Personal Development/Health/Physical Education
Engineering Physics
English (Standard, Advanced, Extension I, Extension II)  Visual Arts


Alternative Study Options


As an alternative to full-time studies, students with special needs may elect to complete their HSC over a number of years using the Pathways option. The Pathways program allows for flexibility to extend the study over two to five years.



Students in Years 10 or 11 who leave school before receiving their Higher School Certificate (HSC) are eligible for the NSW Record of School Achievement (ROSA).


Online Options

Further to the broad selection of school-based courses, students from Years 11 to 12 can also select from a range of online Higher School Certificate courses provided through the Sydney Distance Education.

Food technology students at Northholm

Beyond the Classroom

Year 11 and 12 students can apply for leadership roles as School Captains, Senior Prefects, School Prefects and House Captains. Students in the Year 11 Leadership Program take responsibility for the co-ordination of a broad range of service initiatives, including the organisation of charity events, assisting at school events and fundraising.