Contributing to our community

Northholm Grammar School is dedicated to producing graduates who are charitable, generous and selfless citizens, inspired to contribute and lead in their community. For Northholm, ‘community’ means both the family, friends and peers within our immediate sphere as well as the greater community: from our neighbours in the Hills and Hornsby Shires to virtual network of like-minded people around the world.

Inside the Northholm community

Northholm Grammar School was founded in 1983 under the vision of a caring, family-centred school which looked upon its students, parents and teachers as part of a welcoming community striving for a common goal. Relationships are real at Northholm, both in the classroom and beyond as we strive to maintain strong connections and a culture of trust among the members of The Northholm Family.

Leadership opportunities for students at every level helps them develop the skills and attributes needed to lead lives as responsible and compassion citizens. The Prefect Body, Primary Years Captains, House Captains and Student Representative Council all have different, complimentary responsibilities with the same overall task of supporting each other and contributing to the School’s success.

Through the Northholm Association, in which every parent and caregiver is automatically a member of, families actively support the School and foster community spirit through social functions, fundraising and volunteering. Our annual events, such as the Cocktail Evening and Mother’s and Father’s Day Breakfasts, bring parents together in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The Association also runs the Second-Hand Uniform Shop, a heart-warming example of ‘parents helping parents’ to access and sell discounted uniforms.

Northholm also believes every students’ success is a team effort between parents, students, teachers and School leaders. We encourage authentic relationships and consistent and honest communications – it’s important that our parents and carers know that the staff at Northholm Grammar are dedicated and committed to providing the best possible educational experience for our young men and women. Sharing our Learning events, where the Primary Years share what they have been working on and engage in fun, educational activities alongside their family members in the classroom, give teachers the opportunity to bring parents in as partners in our students’ educational journey.

Within the Northholm environment, parents and teachers lead by example by ‘contributing to the community’ and give students the tools to do the same.

The greater community

Through leadership and service learning programs, all Northholm Grammar students are also asked to look beyond those closest to them to see how they can be of service to others. ‘Service as a habit’ is embedded into many of the School’s activities, especially through the Service Learning Program Week. During this week, students across the School are involved in a range of age-appropriate activities to serve others, care for the environment and learn about other people. Learning areas may include recycling and sustainability, care of the elderly, poverty and homelessness, human rights and more. The Program promotes selflessness and resilience, allowing students to be reflective and critical thinkers by recognising the positive influence their actions can have on society.  

Students are also encouraged to get involved in their greater community through a range of other activities. The School is incredibly proud of the initiative students have taken to help other people and organisations, from engaging with the service portion of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program, to fundraising for specific causes such as Camp Quality, the Winter Sleepout and vision-impaired students in India. Northholm students have represented their School and community in important civic occasions and development programs, including ANZAC Day services, Lions Youth of the Year Quest and Max Potential.

Finally, it’s been wonderful to see our alumni engagement growing recently. As graduates go out into the world beyond Northholm, with a desire to make a difference, it’s rewarding to welcome them back to share their experiences and what they’ve learnt. We can see the positive influence that the Northholm community has had on them and, in turn, on those they have made a positive contribution on. It’s another part of ‘The Northholm Way’ of building citizens of good character, contributing to a thriving society.

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