Northholm Grammar School is incorporated as a public company limited by guarantee with a Board of Directors and provision for persons associated with the School to become members of the Company.  Northholm’s Board is known as the School Council.


The School Council is responsible for the appointment of the Principal and the good management and welfare of the School, including provision for the maintenance and protection of the property.


Members of the School Council are selected on the basis of their skills, knowledge and experience across a range of professions. Their collective knowledge assists with the development and implementation of new plans and strategies for the School and guidance to the Principal on matters relating to the both the operation and management of the School. Council members are also heavily involved in various subcommittees alongside members of the community and experts in Governance, Risk and Compliance, Finance, Community Engagement and Partnerships.


The Council meets regularly throughout the year with the Principal in attendance.


School Council members

Mr Tony Parle (Chairman)
Mr James Solomons
Mr David Milne
Miss Mieka Hynec
Mrs Kerry Rose
Mr Peter Coad
Mr Paul Cassar
Mr Oscar Battram
Mrs Lori Modde
Mr Adam Cutri