ANZAC Ambassador Oscar Henderson

As a community anchored in values of respect, integrity and compassion, Northholm Grammar was incredibly proud of Year 11 student Oscar Henderson’s contribution to last month’s ANZAC commemorations. Oscar was one of four students from the Hills District Secondary Schools to be chosen as a Castle Hill RSL Secondary School ANZAC Ambassador for 2021. At the Dawn Service, held at Bella Vista Farm Park, Oscar delivered a speech on the role of the artillery in the Battle of Long Tan during the Vietnam War.

To be selected as an ANZAC Ambassador, Oscar had to undertake an interview in which he was required to demonstrate his knowledge of the ANZAC story and ethos as well as his leadership and teamwork capabilities.

“It is extremely important that younger generations continue to honour and revere the sacrifices made by service men and women,” Oscar stated. “I believe that attending ANZAC and Remembrance Day commemorations are a great way to honour all veterans who sacrificed their lives for our country.”

Mr Bryan Mullan, School’s Coordinator for the Castle Hill sub-Branch, said about Oscar’s speech:
”The final product, a speech designed specifically for Vietnam Veterans, was exceptional and indicative of his enthusiasm and outstanding knowledge of the sacrifice of our veterans. Oscar’s work and presentation did a great deal to enhance the reputation of Northholm Grammar. Our ambassadors still have a few more tasks to undertake this year and we look forward to observing Oscar completing them well and with confidence.”

Oscar continues to be involved with the Castle Hills RSL sub-branch throughout the year, working closely with Vice-President Jim Wilson and attending other activities and events.