Sydney Royal Easter Show success

Northholm Grammar’s Agriculture/TAS Department had a huge presence and great success at the Royal Easter Show this year. The Royal Easter Show is a fantastic way for students to gain perspective into what it takes to raise, select and prepare an animal for competition. Connecting with the process of raising animals helps students develop an understanding and appreciation for food and fibre production.

This year was the first year Northholm entered Angus steers for the Hoof and Hook Competition and our School steer Quasi achieved 1st Place in the Virtual Taste Test!

Northholm also has a history of breeding champion poultry which is attributed to our strong breeding program focusing on rare breeds. As part of the curriculum, students hatch eggs and select the best progeny for our breeding program and for competition. Year 9 Agricultural Technology students and members of the weekly Ag Club, prepared a team of chickens for entry into the show and were rewarded with the following excellent results:  

  •   Champion Standard Soft Feather Light
  •   1st Place Plymouth Rock Rooster
  •   2nd Place Plymouth Rock Hen
  •   3rd Place Light Sussex Rooster
  •   3rd Place Barnevelder Hen
Northholm at the Royal Easter Show

This year was also the first year Northholm entered a team into the Poultry Showmanship competition giving students the opportunity to showcase their knowledge of poultry and public speaking skills. Year 12 student Imogen Williams placed 6th out of 30 entrants in this event – a fantastic achievement for a first-time participant.

Over the duration of the show, students were on hand to talk to the public about our school farm and the animals we raise – from Daphne, our livestock guardian donkey who charmed everyone as they walked through the entrance, to our Galloway cow Margarita with her calf and our hand raised ram Teddy. It was wonderful to see our much-loved animals bring joy to so many people.

It takes a significant amount of time, care and effort to prepare animals for competition and this could not be achieved without the ongoing dedication of staff and students. We look forward to competing again in 2022!