Northholm jumps 52 places to achieve HSC ranking of 61st in the State

Congratulations to the class of 2020!

What a fine group of dedicated students who have achieved superb results during a very difficult year for a variety of reasons. Our Year 12 cohort deserve the warmest of congratulations for these exemplary achievements. Thank you to all teaching and support staff who have helped to shape and assist these motivated young students. Thank you to all our parents for the love and care they have provided their children through their final year of schooling.

It is important to highlight some important statistics and achievements:

  • Ranked 61st in the State (113th in 2019) which is a move up of 52 places from 2019 and 247 places from 2018.
  • 55% of students gained at least one Band 6.
  • 75% of students gained at least one Band 5 or Band 6
  • 22.5% of all examinations resulted in a Band 6 achievement (15% in 2019)
  • 62% of all examinations resulted in at least a Band 5 (E3) achievement (57% in 2019)
  • 45 Band 6 results in 2020 (Northholm’s previous best HSC result was 35 Band 6s)
  • Bridget Davey was nominated for Encore, Bethany Dewhurst was successfully accepted into, and Charlie Wilton nominated for, ART Express.
  • The following students achieved multiple Band 6 results: Ella Cotrona (4), Bethany Dewhurst (4), Anthony Donaldson (4), Sarah Franklin (4), Ambrose Hon (2), Lauren Ivory (5), Max Johnson (3), Tyler Johnson (2), Emma Mercieca (4), Thomas Ohlrich (2), Kendal Reeves (2)

Academic Subject Performance

Courses which achieved more than 10 marks above the State average:
Legal Studies (16.43), Music 1 (14.84), Engineering Studies (14.76), Economics (12.43), Mathematics Standard (11.96) and Modern History (10.40)

Courses in which all students achieved Band 5 and 6 or E4 and E3 results:
Agriculture, Economics, Engineering Studies, Mathematics Extension 1, Music 1 and Visual Arts.

Courses that achieved significantly above State (more than 20%) for Band 6 results:
Business Studies, Economics, Engineering Studies, Legal Studies, Mathematics Standard, Mathematics Advanced, Modern History, Music 1, Society & Culture and Visual Arts

Courses that achieved significantly above State (more than 40%) for Band 5 and 6 results:
Agriculture, Economics, Engineering Studies, Information Processes & Technology, Legal Studies and Mathematics Standard.

Although we are particularly proud of these outstanding academic results, it is most pleasing to observe the growth of opportunities for our students to grow in confidence and character through a variety of activities contributing to their social, emotional, spiritual and physical development. A Northholm Grammar Education is firmly committed to our vision as a caring K- 12 school fostering the worth of the individual based on ‘academic intentionality with pastoral attentiveness’ and promoting co-curricular accomplishment and Christian values.

On behalf of our teaching staff, we wish to extend a warm thank you to our community for your support and encouragement throughout 2020. We’ve had our challenges; however, we are grateful to have the opportunity to work with quality families who are so closely aligned to the school’s values and expectations.

Christopher Bradbury