Creating Futures for the Secondary Years  

At Northholm Grammar, we believe that school is about preparing young people to find purpose and lead successful lives. Our purpose of providing a unique, quality learning experience is to support students to become the best version of themselves, help them create a sense of self and maximise their personal potential. With an education as distinctive as your child, students at Northholm embark on diverse pathways towards their vocations, tailored to their individual strengths and passions. 

As students enter their Senior Secondary Years, they come to a pivotal point where they start making decisions about what careers or further study opportunities they want to pursue after high school. To support our students at this crucial juncture, Northholm Grammar developed the Creating Futures Evening for Senior students in Years 10 to 12, which gives students and their families an exclusive opportunity to engage with leaders across various industries and representatives from higher education.

More than a traditional career’s fair, the evening also highlights the message that knowing what you want to do is not as important as developing the skills and dispositions to build resilience, integrity, confidence and relationships. Held in April, this unique event facilitates exposure to a diverse range of professions and sectors that students might not have previously explored. Attendees in the Senior Secondary Years gained invaluable real-world insights and guidance, paving the way for potential career and educational paths. They also gained networking experience by interacting with seasoned career professionals.

This year, we were grateful for the advice and inspiration from our keynote speaker, Northholm parent and Business Executive Officer from Nestle Oceania, Susan Catania, as well as our distinguished panellists: Matthew Knight, Northholm parent and Managing Director at Valour Sport, Ben Dessen, Northholm Alumni, Director and Sanctuary Manager at Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Gabrielle Mfula, Northholm Alumni and Lawyer at The Office of the e-Safety Commissioner.

We take immense pride in our close-knit and connected Northholm community of parents, staff, alumni and the local community who contribute significantly to the ongoing success of our students’ development. Together, as a community, we are paving the way for their success, one step at a time.

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