Quality Education For Kindergarten to Year Twelve




From the Acting Principals

Northholm Grammar School is a vibrant and supportive environment where young people can develop the knowledge, skills and personal attributes they need to live a rich and purposeful life as future global citizens. While our students enjoy the benefits offered by small class sizes and the tranquil nature of our semi-rural location, we are profoundly aware of our responsibility to ensure they are prepared for life in an increasingly complex world. By helping them discover their own personal interests and passions and cultivating their desire to strive for personal bests in everything they undertake our students understand how to take their place in the world.

As a school that supports Christian values we actively encourage our students to be generous in nature, tolerant in thought and compassionate in action. As the nature of Australian society changes to include families of all faiths and denominations we want our students to embrace the benefits that come from the experiences associated with a more diverse community and to show empathy to others less fortunate than themselves. We recognise the critical importance of preparing young people for social and workplace diversity after they leave school.

Our teachers are dedicated, passionate, motivated and inspirational educators with a demonstrated willingness and ability to build  supportive relationships with  their students. They are actively involved in the many different aspects of school life and build a deep understanding of the needs of individual students and their families through shared experiences both inside and outside the classroom. This approach is fundamental to the nature of our school and contributes to the strong sense of community we have enjoyed since the school was first established.

Parents also play a critical role within our school community. We recognise and welcome the active participation of parents as partners in their children’s education. We provide regular opportunities for parents to meet with tutors and classroom teachers to celebrate their children’s achievements and discuss their changing needs through our pastoral care structure and school communication systems. The strong sense of community that is built through these practices is further supported by opportunities for parents to interact with other members of the community at both school events and social group activities.

In considering Northholm as your school of choice for the education of your children, know that they will be respected for who they are and valued for what they can achieve. At Northholm young people become successful, confident and articulate individuals with a strong sense of commitment to each other, to their community, to those who are less fortunate and to the natural environment.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and your family so I can outline other aspects of our school’s current operation and share our exciting vision for the future.

Mrs Jenny Pluss and Ms Verity Paterson