Thanking Dr Phil Cummins

At Northholm Grammar, we proudly stand for excellence and aiming for your personal best, and our Character Education programs are aimed at guiding students towards building the attributes needed to achieve. Recent presentations by Dr Phil Cummins have provided Northholm students with thought-provoking questions designed to help them develop these skills and understandings.

Year 9 students recently participated in the Ready to Live program with Dr Cummins in association with CIRCLE Education. Dr Cummins argues that living is about answering the question: “Where do I fit in?” Living well helps us to understand and respect ourselves and each other, and the language, customs, honourable traditions, rituals, and values of the people and places from which we have come and to where we are going. Living, therefore, is the search for a relationship that helps us to appreciate ‘Our People’ and ‘Our Place’ with humility and gratitude and to meet the expectation to ‘Earn our place’.

Year 10 students also participated in a presentation with Dr Cummins and the School for Tomorrow earlier this year that furthered their understanding of ‘Our People’ and ‘Our Place’ with respect to leadership. The seminar, A Life of Purpose: Lead gave students the opportunity to develop a deep understanding on how we wrestle with challenges in life and the need to discover our purpose in leading self and others to make a positive contribution to our community and live a life of service. It also offered students the chance to reflect and examine the key characteristics of leadership and more specifically to assess their personal growth and development in the areas of Service and Volunteering, Formal Leadership and Future Leadership Development.

Education for character needs to be the result of a designed landscape of learning that flows from the heart of a school’s ethos into every place of learning. We sincerely thank Dr Cummins for his excellent presentations helping to further character development at Northholm.

Presentation by Dr Phil Cummins