Creating student futures at Northholm

At Northholm Grammar, we believe that school is about preparing young people to find purpose and lead successful lives. Our purpose of providing a unique, quality learning experience is to support students to become the best version of themselves, help them create a sense of self and maximise their personal potential.

As students enter their senior Secondary Years, they come to a pivotal point where they start making decisions about what careers or further study opportunities they want to pursue after high school. They will start to choose studies and pathways which may potentially set the course of their working life – this can be a daunting proposition for our young people.

To support our students at this crucial juncture, Northholm Grammar developed the Creating Futures Evening for Year 10, 11 and 12 students and their parents and carers. Held at the end of May this year, this event is an important educational opportunity for our students to develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes in making informed decisions about their life, study and career options. The evening features panels, presentations and booths with leading professionals and ambassadors.

More than a traditional career’s fair, the Creating Futures Evening also highlights the message that knowing what you want to do is not as important as developing the skills and dispositions to build resilience, integrity, confidence and relationships.

Some of the advantages that students receive from attending the Creating Futures Evening include:

Opportunity to discover a wide array of industries and professions

The Creating Futures Evening can open up a world of possible pathways for students by exposing them to a vast range of industries and professions, some they may not have previously considered. By interacting with professionals from diverse fields, they gain valuable insights into potential career paths. This exposure broadens their horizons, allowing them to explore and discover unique opportunities that align with their interests and passions.

Exploring a range of industries and the varied career options within those industries, can also shine a different perspective on alternative pathways towards achieving your ultimate goals. In addition, it reinforces to students that it is okay to change your goals throughout your life and how important it is to be flexible and resilient to pivot in the face of this change.

Real-world insights and guidance

Students gain valuable experience and confidence in engaging with the education ambassadors, guest speakers and professionals at booths at the Creating Futures Evening. These experts offer valuable advice, sharing their career journeys and providing insights into the industry’s requirements and expectations.

By speaking directly with professionals, students can hear first-hand, real-life stories of their experiences and ask questions to gain clarity on how certain careers and industries and be rewarding and fulfilling. This guidance is instrumental in helping students understand the necessary qualifications, skills and steps they need to take to achieve success in their desired careers.

Experience networking with professionals

For many, this is the first opportunity they may have to build their networks and establish connections, which may lead to both immediate and long-term benefits. Engaging in conversations with industry experts can lead to mentorship opportunities, internships or work experience. Networking at an early stage can give students a head start, as they can tap into these connections later in their educational journey or when they embark on their career paths.

Inspiration and motivation

The Creating Futures Evening can be a source of inspiration and motivation for Northholm’s senior Secondary students. Meeting professionals who have achieved remarkable success can ignite a sense of ambition and determination within them. Witnessing the achievements of others in their desired fields can drive students to set higher goals, work harder and develop a clear vision for their future.

The event features a keynote speaker and a range of panellists, all who bring their own unique perspectives and journeys of success. The advice they have to impart on our students on school, life and career pathways are invaluable. We have been extremely lucky in recent years to have Northholm alumni included as some of our guest speakers.

We would like to thank the attendees and guests of our recent Creating Futures Evening, especially our keynote speaker, Helen Hamilton-James (Partner at Deloitte) and our distinguished panellists which include Professor Taryn Jones (Pro Vice-Chancellor, Macquarie University), Craig Wilkins (Portfolio Manager, Project Toolbox) and Sarah Wilcock (National Marketing Manager, Nutrien Ag Solutions).  

Northholm Grammar is committed to producing graduates of character who are motivated to achieve, proudly stand for excellence and are instilled with the skills to succeed. It is our hope that they find a sense of achievement of their full potential at School so they can leave as strong independent citizens capable, well prepared for the next stage of their lives and ready to take on the many challenges that may come their way.

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Guests at the Northholm Grammar Creating Futures evening
Guests at the 2023 The Creating Futures Evening from left to right: Professor Taryn Jones, Craig Wilkins, Sarah Wilcock and Helen Hamilton-James with Principal Christopher Bradbury.