Book Week 2023: Read, grow, inspire

Every year, students at Northholm Grammar join with students across the country in eagerly anticipating another Children’s Book Week. Since 1945, the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) has brought children and books together across the nation in a wonderful, inclusive week of events. This celebration of literature, which captivates the hearts and minds of book-lovers of all ages, is designed to encourage reading, promote literacy and inspire a love in the magic of stories.

The theme for Children’s Book Week 2023 was ‘Read, Grow, Inspire’, with artwork designed by illustrator Matt Ottley. Ottley is a multi-modal artist working across visual arts, music and literature, better known to Primary Years students for his award-winning illustrations in children’s books including The Incredible Freedom Machines, Teacup, Suri’s Wall, Requiem for a Beast, What Faust Saw and many more.  

The theme of ‘Read, Grow, Inspire’ was chosen by the Book Council to focus on how literature can develop a child’s inner world and plant the seed of inspiration for them to express their creativity. At Northholm, we fully embraced the theme to celebrate literature in all its forms and share how, through reading, we grow as learners and become inspired.

‘Growth’ has been an enduring emphasis at Northholm in the Primary Years this year. The personal growth of students – academically, socially, emotionally, holistically – is at the heart of a Northholm education. As an event which helps develop the reading, writing, spelling and comprehension skills of our students, the intention of Book Week is closely aligned with Northholm Grammar’s strategic pillar of Learning through scholarship.

Learning through scholarship seeks to create an environment where every learner is valued, which supports each student to reach their full potential in pursuing their passions and interests. It is part of our mission to develop in young people a lifelong love of learning. Book Week is an important part of the Primary Years calendar as it grows and inspires students in a fun, engaging way. With various incursions, excursions and hands-on activities throughout the week, books and stories are brought to vivid life. In a world where the digital age has transformed the way we consume content, it reminds us of the unique pleasure of immersing ourselves in a world of imagination and adventure.

The highlight every year is the amazing costumes on display in the Book Parade. As students draw inspiration from the books that have moved them over the years, we saw an incredible array of ’characters’ in 2023; from Hairy Maclary to dictionaries, to Hot Dogs and globe-trotting Wallys, and the ever-popular heroes from Harry Potter. We are always blown away by the creativity of our students and the brilliance of their families who create the costume masterpieces.

As we close the book on another wonderful Book Week, we take joy in recognising the power of the written word to unite communities and generations and foster a love for books that will endure long after the week is over.

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