Developing a lifelong love of learning in Early Years education

Northholm Grammar School’s inclusive and dynamic approach to the Early Primary Years aims to establish a love of learning, a passion to explore new opportunities and a positive attitude to further enhance students’ learning journey through to the Secondary years.

Knowing what to look for in a Kindergarten class can be a challenge for parents. We know not all children learn the same and they need to be given the right tools to grow and find joy in learning. In Kindergarten to Year 2, Northholm Grammar uses play, inquiry and a hands-on approach to guide our youngest students in their educational journey. From their earliest days on campus, Northholm actions a Personalised Learning philosophy in which every student is known and understood as an individual, to generate a love of learning in students.

“Through a multifaceted approach towards educating the youngest students at Northholm, we aim to instil a strong foundation to extend and develop students for their future endeavours,” says Erin Werner, Northholm Primary Years Curriculum Coordinator. Underpinned by the pillars of literacy, numeracy, wellbeing and co-curricular, the School aims to not only build the foundations of academics but also to inspire students to find the talents and interests in life that will help them become happy and well-rounded individuals.

Junior students in classroom at Northholm

A strong foundation in literacy and numeracy

The National Inquiry into the Teaching of Literacy (2005) found that students learn best when teachers adopt an integrated approach to reading that explicitly teaches phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary knowledge and comprehension. Northholm educators believe that by first developing these reading skills and behaviours, students have an advantage when they come to numeracy and mathematical understandings. The School also employs a Literacy and Numeracy mentor to ensure individual progress is being constantly tracked and to work with teachers to ensure each student is being engaged in outstanding learning experiences. Applying a personalised approach to literacy and numeracy helps teachers find and use the techniques that work best for each child to nurture them through developing these crucial foundation skills.

Focusing on mental health and wellbeing

Keeping young students happy in school is not just a matter of learning to read and count. Northholm Grammar believes mental health is important at any age and developing wellbeing strategies early will help build resilience for the future. It is well documented that stress inhibits our brain’s ability to focus, engage and learn; calm children can focus and retain more information and resilient children are able to take safe risks without fear of failure. In partnership with The Resilience Project, an organisation that works with over 200 schools across Australia, the School helps develop key pillars of resilience: gratitude to be thankful for what you have, empathy to consider others’ feelings and mindfulness to build a sense of calm and awareness of your surroundings. Building these strategies through age-appropriate lessons can help your child adjust to the world of formal education and give them the tools to help them all through their learning journey.

Helping children find their passions

Finally, Northholm Grammar is also a place for Kindy students to begin to find the talents and interests in sport, creative arts and co-curricular activities that will bring them joy and develop their social skills as they forge friendships with likeminded peers. Educational experts are increasingly emphasising the importance of emotional intelligence, developing a creative mind and fostering imagination as children make their journey through school. Creative and performing arts develops skills which are transferable to real-life situations including leadership, communication, cooperation and decision-making. Likewise, the physical and mental challenges of individual and team sport builds a positive attitude towards health and fitness while teaching children discipline, coordination and teamwork. Northholm offers clubs and co-curriculars to engage Early Years students in activities outside of the classroom including Animal Club, Lego, Cook ‘n’ Grow, Tennis, Cricket, Netball, Art and more. Finding fun activities that interest your child will provide a welcome reward for all their hard work.

As your child starts their first foray into formal learning, finding a happy and caring school environment that they want to return to each day is the first step in a long journey. Look for a school that has the resources to support your young child, will challenge them to reach their potential and will give them the tools to flourish and thrive. It’s never too early to instil in them a love of learning that will carry them into adulthood.

For further information for Northholm’s Early Years programs and to enrol your child, we encourage you to reach out to the Head of Enrolments at or by calling 02 9656 2000.