News | 25 Nov 2019

Year 10 PDHPE students hosted the inaugural Year 10 Health Expo


Last week, Year 10 PDHPE students hosted the inaugural Year 10 Health Expo, and what an event it was!

Through PDHPE lessons this semester, students selected a health issue that was important to young people and developed a range of promotional materials to educate about advocate for this health issue. They then considered ways to engage their audience so they could connect and converse with their peers around these important topics. Charlotte Piper, a global Body Image Movement (BIM) Ambassador, shared her message of body positivity and the goal of the BIM to shift the way the world thinks about themselves and their bodies.

The Health Expo also played host to a range of community organizations including the Healthy Kids Association, NSW HealthLive Life Well @ School, DonateLife, Synapse, headspace Castle Hilland DanceWize NSW.

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