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HSC Results

HSC Results

HSC Results


In addition to leading the school through their service and leadership roles and actively participating in the school’s co-curricular program, Year Twelve 2017 worked hard to maximise their results and were well rewarded with excellent marks in their HSC studies.  Their achievements have resulted in the School being ranked 87 in the Sydney Morning Herald’s ranking of NSW Schools for 2017.

We also take this opportunity to thank all of our staff for their commitment and support for the delivery of the Year Twelve program. We also thank the parents and families who have supported our Year Twelve students throughout their schooling.

As a group they have out performed NSW State results in 73% of subjects. Within the cohort 45% of students have been included on the Distinguished Achievers List having achieved at least one Band 6 result. 18% of the cohort received ATARs above 90.

We also take this opportunity to thank all of our staff for their commitment and support for the delivery of the Year Twelve program.

Significant Achievements

While we celebrate each individual’s success and that of the School as a whole, we particularly recognise our students and teachers in courses where over 60% of candidates scored in the top two bands (5 or 6) of achievement in a 2 unit course, or the top band (E4) in a 1 unit course. This is an amazing achievement.

The following lists the courses and the percent of Northholm students who achieved a top 2 Band result:

Agriculture – 67%
Ancient History – 70%
Biology – 75%
Design and Technology – 100%
Drama – 100%
English Advanced – 60%
English Extension 1 – 67%
English Extension 2 – 75%
French Continuers – 100%
Geography – 100%
Legal Studies – 100
Music 1 – 100%
Music 2 – 100%
Society and Culture – 77%
Visual Arts – 100%


Carina Sirolli is to be congratulated on being recognised in the All-Round Achievers list which celebrates students who scored 90 or above in 10 or more units in the HSC.

Band 6 Achievers:

  • Lucas Allen for Engineering Studies
  • Jordan Borg for Ancient History and Mathematics
  • Madeleine Brown for Ancient History, Drama, English (Advanced)
  • Harrison Bush for Drama
  • Marco Carpino for Mathematics
  • Emily Jamgotchian for Society and Culture
  • Henry Lakin for Society and Culture
  • Regan Leatch for Design and Technology and Mathematics General 2
  • Sean Meyer for Society and Culture
  • Sam Morrison for Drama and Mathematics General 2
  • Macy Reen for Mathematics
  • Conor Reynolds for Ancient History, Modern History and Society and Culture
  • Oscar Saran for Music
  • Carly Saunders for Drama
  • Charlotte Scholey for Business Studies, Legal Studies and Mathematics
  • Alicia Scott for Drama
  • Carina Sirolli for Drama, English (Advanced), Legal Studies and Modern History

Extension Band 4 Achievers:

  • Jordan Borg for History Extension
  • Henry Lakin for English Extension 1
  • Conor Reynolds for English Extension 2 and History Extension
  • Carina Sirolli for English Extension 1 and History Extension

90+ ATAR Achievers:

Madeleine Brown 94.25
Marco Carpino 91.25
Macy Reen 90.15
Conor Reynolds 95.05
Charlotte Scholey 93.65
Carina Sirolli 99.1

Major Work Nominations:

Regan Leatch’s Design and Technology major work was nominated for SHAPE 2017.

Sam Morrison’s Drama major work was nominated for OnSTAGE.

The Class of 2017 now look forward to making their own mark in the world as they demonstrate what it means to Learn with Purpose: Live with Passion. We wish them the very best in their future pursuits.