Quality Education For Kindergarten to Year Twelve

Senior School

Senior School

Senior School – Years Seven to Twelve


Northholm’s Senior School program emphasises the development of the whole student, both in the classroom and in the wider world. Throughout their senior schooling students have multiple opportunities to participate in activities that enrich their learning experience and broaden the scope of their post school options. Students work in partnership with their teachers to develop a disciplined and strategic approach to study and are well supported in the development of their capacity to think critically about key issues in order to find creative solutions. All students from Years Nine to Twelve participate in a series of sequenced Study Skills sessions that build their mastery of a range of academic, organisational skills, including time-management, communication and team work.

Subject Selection

One of the defining features of Northholm’s learning program is the diverse range of subjects we are able to offer regardless of our relatively small size as a school. The breadth of this choice allows students to tailor their study to their own needs at different points in their educational journey and encourages them to engage more effectively in the learning process.