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Spiritual and Personal Growth

Spiritual and Personal Growth

Spiritual and Personal Growth

Providing opportunities for all students to develop the attributes they need to engage with life fully as responsible and compassionate citizens.

Northholm has always espoused the belief that the Christian faith is central to an understanding of human existence. We seek to bring our students to an understanding of that faith, and the personal integrity it implies, through what we do in our teaching and learning, in our discipline and pastoral care, in our co-curricular program and in our dealings with the wider community.

We recognise that in an increasingly complex world young people need support in making sense of the world they will inherit. Now more than ever they need guidance in finding the personal interests and passions that will give their lives purpose. At Northholm this guidance is provided through a variety of programs that foster the intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional, social and aesthetic development of all students.

This holistic approach provides our students with the self-knowledge and personal strengths they need to embrace life with optimism. This optimism, together with the ability to think beyond oneself, is fundamental to the ongoing wellbeing of our young people.

Opportunities for personal growth are provided through:

A PASTORAL CARE PROGRAM that fosters students’ sense of personal worth, develops their resilience and encourages independence.

A LEADERSHIP PROGRAM that provides students with opportunities to develop leadership capacity through riles within and outside the classroom.

A SPORTS PROGRAM  that caters for students with different interests and abilities through a broad range of sports.

A MUSIC PROGRAM that offers performance opportunities for students of all abilities under the guidance of highly competent musical directors.

A DRAMA PROGRAM  that includes revues and entertaining productions for students of all ages. Public speaking is also a feature of school life.

A PROGRAM OF EDUCATIONAL, SPORTING AND CULTURAL TOURS that offer students a range of opportunities for overseas and interstate travel.

Opportunities for spiritual growth are provided thorough:

A CHAPEL PROGRAM that enables student to explore the links between Christian values and contemporary life.

A SERVICE LEARNING PROGRAM  that enables all students to grow through participation in year based service initiatives, charity events, fundraising and outreach programs.

A CRUSADERS PROGRAM that enables students to share their belief through weekly meetings and camps.