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Our Values

Our Values

Our Values

In 2015 as part of the development of the current Strategic Plan the School Community were invited to articulate what they considered to be the underpinning values of the School. It was a surprisingly easy exercise as the community had a shared understanding and commitment to promoting the following values in all aspects of the School’s operation. These values are now the benchmark for evaluating the School’s effectiveness in meeting its obligation to all members of the school community.

RESPECT  – We respect our own and others’ worth and rights.

INTEGRITY – We act with honesty and do not compromise the truth.

RESPONSIBILITY –  We act with concern for others and for our environment.

LOYALTY –  We are supportive of each other and fulfil our commitments.

EXCELLENCE –  We pursue excellence in everything we undertake.

INNOVATION – We show initiative in discovering creative solutions to problems.

PASSION – We engage in all activities with energy, excitement and determination.

PURPOSE –  We seek opportunities to enrich our lives through meaningful activities.