Quality Education For Kindergarten to Year Twelve

Student Services

Student Services

Catering for the individual learner

A personalised approach

Northholm caters for the individual learning needs of all students including those with gifts and talents in all areas including, but not limited to, academic subjects, the creative arts, social and leadership skills and sporting interests. Included in the range of opportunities we provide are programs for unique groupings of students, multi-age classes, acceleration and extra support within the classroom. Enrichment activities, an extensive co-curricular program and a range of clubs also provide opportunities for students to extend and enrich their learning experiences.

 Some students need to be extended beyond the core content, to work at higher levels demanding greater complexity of thought. They need challenge and freedom to explore, research and express themselves so that they can accomplish what they are truly capable of.

Learning Support

The Learning Support Team works closely with the teaching staff to ensure the individual needs of students are being catered for in the classroom from entry to Year Twelve. Their role is to provide in-class support, small group withdrawal and individual tuition in the areas of literacy and numeracy. The Learning Support Team also provides teaching staff with student profiles which outline individual students’ learning needs and teaching strategies best suited to meet these needs.

Student progress is monitored closely and appropriate intervention is provided as necessary. Personalised Education Plans (PEPs) are put in place for students needing an adjusted program. These are reviewed regularly, generally each term. Special provisions for examinations and assessment tasks are organised in conjunction with the Board of Studies for students who require additional assistance. Our comprehensive approach and focus on the individual help ensure that our students’ needs are consistently met.

Our teachers recognise that deep thinking is the essence of creativity and a critical ingredient in every significant learning experience and seek to provide students with opportunities to resolve complex real world problems.