Quality Education For Kindergarten to Year Twelve



The benefits of co-education

At Northholm, girls and boys develop mutual respect and understanding for each other through a range of well-supervised learning activities that support their intellectual and social development. To promote the richness and diversity of thinking we require of future citizens, we actively encourage students to exchange ideas and debate important issues from the different perspective of both genders

Experience shows that co-education improves the ways students think, learn and collaborate. By sharing experiences and learning to challenge sexist attitudes through meaningful classroom discussion, students develop the balanced outlook they need for success in post-Secondary education, the development of realistic, meaningful and lasting relationships, future employment and as the next generation of leaders.

Learning Together

In a world that has long recognised that women and men can work alongside each other, in equal and effective partnerships, the opportunity to share recreational space and stand side-by-side in leadership positions, sport, outdoor education camps, music groups, plays, musicals and social activities enables young people to develop the values and understanding they need to contribute to society in a responsible and empathetic manner.