News | 24 Jun 2019

Food Technology at Northholm

Northholm Grammar School-17

Food Technology at Northholm Grammar School has been an aspiration for some time now and through careful planning and the support of our wonderful community it will now become a permanent fixture within our curriculum. The recent NESA changes to the Stage 4 Tech Mandatory course (Years Seven to Eight) has made Food Technology a compulsory module for study making it an appropriate time to extend our offering within our Trade Centre in providing our students with rich learning opportunities to engage in this subject area. The big picture for Northholm is to launch our students on a path to an enriched life through food that can be achieved through a meaningful program that will enthuse and inform our young men and women about the joys and benefits of cooking beautiful, nutritious meals.

Technology Mandatory (Years Seven to Eight) engages students in design and production activities as they develop solutions to identified needs and opportunities. Through the practical application of knowledge and understanding they learn about Agriculture and Food Technologies, Digital Technologies, Engineered Systems and Material Technologies. The study of Food Technology provides students with a broad knowledge of food properties, processing, preparation, nutritional considerations and consumption patterns. It addresses the importance of hygiene and safe working practices and legislation in relation to the production of food. Students develop food-specific skills, which can be applied in a range of contexts enabling students to produce quality food products. The course also provides students with contexts through which to explore the richness, pleasure and variety food adds to life and how it contributes to both vocational and general life experiences.

The introduction of Food Technology at Northholm allows us to explore interdisciplinary learning opportunities in meeting the important outcomes of Tech Mandatory, Agricultural Technology and Food Technology. The excitement for this curriculum area is that it encourages a passion for food technology through authentic hands-on learning experiences and provides food security for future generations through the establishment of life-long skills that extend beyond school years.

Food Technology has become a reality at Northholm through the leadership and vision of Mrs Stellina Trestrail and Mr Stephen Byrnes who developed a comprehensive business plan for Food Technology at the beginning of the year which has included overwhelming benefits for student learning and professional development opportunities for staff both at Northholm and externally. We thank Mr Alan Muir who has coordinated the transformation of the AG2 facility with the necessary functionality and resources to teach Food Technology at Northholm. We also extend a huge thank you to the NGS Parents Association who have enthusiastically supported the proposal financially highlighting their strong commitment to encouraging the best learning opportunities for our students.

The AG2 precinct will be completed at the end of the term and will be fully operational for our students from Term 3 where we will begin to teach Food Technology in the Technology Mandatory course to our Year Seven to Eight students later in the year. The intention is to offer Food Technology as an elective for our Year Nine to Ten students within the next two years and then as a senior elective subject offering in the future. We look forward to showcasing the precinct in the coming weeks through social media and our publications.