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Faces of Northholm

Faces of Northholm

Faces of Northholm


Alannah Trestrail – Year 12 School Captain

The range of co-curricular and leadership opportunities at Northholm have been especially beneficial in helping to build my confidence as an individual to the stage that, in my final year,  I am loving being School captain and representing the School, something I never thought would or could happen. I have always felt supported by my teachers and peers, there is a really strong sense of community at Northholm.

I have genuinely strong relationships with all my teachers as the classes are not too large. My teachers know me personally; my strengths, weaknesses and everything necessary to help me do well, which is so important in my HSC year. I feel confident that I am being prepared to do my best which definitely helps reduce any stress I feel from time to time in my final year.

I love the strong sense of community; everyone can feel comfortable being themselves at Northholm. I also love the range of opportunities at Northholm across the board for a variety of interests and just the natural environment that we can be immersed in every day.

Banjo Lorenz – Year 6 Junior School Captain

I love the feeling of community at Northholm. I feel that when I leave my family in the morning to come to school I am coming to my other, much bigger family.

I really like knowing everyone. The small class sizes are great and as one of the School Captains I have got to know many more students in all the other year groups. With the Junior School on the same campus as the Senior School I’m also getting to know some of these students too.

I have an amazing teacher who is so passionate about us learning that it’s impossible not to be excited about learning too. He is our classroom teacher but we also have specialist teachers for Drama, Library, Music, Sport and Visual Arts. I feel like there is so much variety of subjects here that it is exciting to come to school every day.


Lucinda O’Brien – Year 6 Junior School Captain

What I love about being School Captain is that I get to help run our Assemblies and encouraging people to be the best version of themselves.

I also love all the co-curricular opportunities offered at Northholm. There are many clubs you can join and experience and everyone is encouraged to try lots of things. I’m involved in the Equestrian Team and apart from the fact that I love competing with my horse, I get to socialise with students outside of my grade. The senior school students in the team are so friendly and nice and always encourage me to ride my best. I really feel part of a team.

I also value the many opportunity to develop my leadership skills by working with both my peers and our great teachers. This allows us to build confidence and strengths in problem solving and critical thinking. At Northholm we are constantly challenged and encouraged to pursue our passions.

Matthew Gadd – Year 12 Senior Prefect

Teachers that I have are all highly motivated and dedicated and will stop at nothing to ensure that they help me reach my best. I plan to go to university to study law so the small class sizes allows for everyone to have more quality one-on-one experiences with our teachers, enhancing own knowledge base and closing any gaps in our understanding.

I feel that all the experiences offered to me while I have been at school have prepared me for life after school. Some of the highlights of my co-curricular experiences are, in no specific order:

  • Participating in the Duke of Edinburgh program, and recently completing the Gold Award, which has definitely helped me build my confidence, resilience, and teamwork skills. It also pushed me beyond my limits.
  • Being appointed as an SRC representative, I have been able to communicate with the broader school community and assess their needs, ultimately striving for a better environment at school.
  • Participating and completing the Rural Fire Service cadets program at school, I was able to build on my leadership skills in a pressurised environment and meet people from school, I wouldn’t otherwise have reason to interact with.

Mitchell Old – Year 12 School Captain

I’m sure everyone else has said the same, but the things I love about Northholm Grammar School are the small class sizes, the amazing community and all the opportunities I have been given.

One example is my English teacher this year, who has been extremely supportive and sat with me many times for one on one help. Because of this I now feel prepared and confident that I can go into the HSC knowing I will do my best.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed the most at Northholm is being part of the Music Program. I started playing the saxophone in Year 5 and am now doing Music 2 and Extension in the HSC. Music is now my passion and I am so grateful to the school for facilitating and supporting all the co-curricular and curricular Music programs offered.

Being one of the School Captains, I’ve been given opportunities to lead my peers and get to know the whole school on a better level. The teachers have been really accepting to all the initiatives we have come up with to build community spirit here at Northholm.  I feel very privileged to hold this position.

Olivia Charlton – Year 10

 What I love about Northholm is that I’m able to express myself by what I am doing, which is Sport. The PDHPE and Sport program here is very broad and anyone of any ability is able to compete and contribute in every way they want.

This year I had the privilege of helping at the HICES Swimming Carnival, as Northholm was hosting it. This is a zone competition for Independent Junior Schools in our area, and in being involved it consolidated my thoughts that I want to become a PE teacher. Helping develop these children in a field I love, is something I’m passionate about.

Northholm has such a supportive staff who work tirelessly to ensure we are well prepared for the challenges of life after School. Classes are challenging, engaging and exciting. There is a significant focus on a love of learning and consistent improvement in our academic studies.