Quality Education For Kindergarten to Year Twelve

Educational Aims

Educational Aims

Educational Aims

To develop a love of learning

TO INSPIRE  a love of learning and commitment to intellectual development in each of the core disciplines through a diverse range of learning and teaching styles including digital technologies.

TO CREATE a stimulating, purposeful and inclusive learning environment that enhances students’ engagement in the learning process and supports the achievement of their personal best.

TO ENCOURAGE students to become independent learners who will be able to maximise the benefits of future study and diverse work opportunities.

TO MAINTAIN a level of care that enables students to develop an appreciation of their own and others’ worth, regardless of background, culture, religion or ability.

TO NURTURE each student’s understanding of the Christian world view and to deepen their sense of selflessness and service.

TO OFFER opportunities for mindfulness, self-reflection, stillness and prayer.

TO PROMOTE a generosity of spirit and a commitment to service for others.

TO PROVIDE a co-educational learning environment in which both young men and women have equal opportunities to prepare for life, work and the responsibilities associated with committed relationships.

TO DEVELOP young people with the honesty, integrity, tolerance and independence of mind required to contribute positively to the maintenance of our democratic society.

TO FOSTER a love of the arts and provide opportunities for students to express their creativity.

TO SUPPORT a positive attitude to health and fitness and a love of physical activities that promote healthy competition.

TO INSTIL an awareness of environmental issues and sustainable living habits.

TO INVOLVE all students in a diverse school community that helps them develop the self-discipline, mutual responsibility and empathy necessary to contribute to society as global citizens.