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The Easter Message of Forgiveness

The Easter Message of Forgiveness

The Easter Message of Forgiveness

As we approach Easter, families will be planning holiday destinations for travel and thinking about a relaxing break from our regular busy routines. Easter is a time of great excitement for families with young children as they anticipate the arrival of the Easter Bunny and the subsequent Easter eggs that will accompany the visit. However, on a larger scale, irrespective of how one chooses to observe or not observe Easter, the reality is that Easter is the most crucial component of the Christian faith. The very foundation of Christianity and its moral and ethical teachings is based on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The beauty about Easter is that not only does it resonate profoundly with the Christian community, but its lessons can be valued by the secular society. One of the crucial principles of Christianity that arises from the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is the concept of forgiveness. The ultimate act of forgiveness is encapsulated when Jesus says “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing”.

Easter is a time of reflection and one where we need to consider being prepared to forgive those who have done us wrong. Forgiveness is a powerful character strength for all individuals to develop because it requires courage and authenticity. Unfortunately, we don’t see enough examples in our world of forgiveness. The culture is rather to take action against others who have aggrieved us whether that be at home, in the workplace or in the shopping centre. Forgiving can be difficult in most cases and the easy option can often be to hold a grudge and avoid the difficult conversation to resolve the matter.

Education has an important role to play in the personal development of our students to encourage their values and appreciate the power of forgiveness. Students need to learn to not only forgive others but also to forgive themselves when they make mistakes. This is a valuable component in developing a resilient mindset. We also need students to appreciate the importance of giving to relationships. It’s very difficult to build trust with others if we don’t make ourselves vulnerable at times in order to give to others.

I wish you and your families a very Happy Easter.

Mr Christopher Bradbury

16 April 2019