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Scientists in Training

Scientists in Training

Scientists in Training

When Dr Michelle Gleeson, Science and Biology Teacher first came to Northholm several years ago she developed a set of equipment for Electrophoresis, a technique used to analyse DNA. Prior to Northholm, Michelle was a molecular biologist working and teaching at the University of Technology, Sydney.

“As a Biology specialist, and with my experience working in bench research, I can offer depth of knowledge to our students. The new Stage 6 Syllabuses have an increased emphasis on skills and real-world application of science in the form of Depth Studies, which are aimed at preparing students for further studies in Science.” Dr Gleeson said. “The new courses Investigating Science and Extension Science are designed to stretch our most keen young scientists, and I can bring my skills and experience in mentoring junior research students to this role”

Being able to do these experiments in-house and at any time gives teachers and students flexibility for learning opportunities and is definitely more engaging due to the ‘hands-on’ nature for the students.

Michelle told us that she was delighted to hear a current Year 12 Biology class remark “Doc, we feel like REAL scientists!”, as they worked on their first Depth Study and were able to work beyond a planned ‘standard’ practical activity and follow their scientific instincts.

Having a teacher who is passionate about the subject matter and who understands how the equipment not only works but how it was designed and made, gives our students the best opportunity to Learn with Purpose.

March 2019