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Co-Curricular Program

Co-Curricular Program

Co-Curricular Program

Northholm offers its students a broad Co-curricular Program. Opportunities are provided as an integral and important aspect of the Arts Program, the Sport Program, School Clubs and Outdoor Education. These include

  • Music – performance opportunities for students of all abilities under the guidance of highly regarded musical directors.
  • Drama – Theatre Sports, revues and entertaining productions for students of all ages
  • Public speaking – competitions and workshops
  • Sport – a broad range of sports for students with different interests and abilities
  • Leadership program – provides students of all ages with opportunities to engage in forums, debates, peer tutoring and mentoring.
  • A community service program that encourages students to participate in community service and outreach programs.
  • Outdoor Education – includes year group camps and a school-based Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
  • Spiritual program – Crusaders group and Crusader Camps
  • Tours – a range of educational, sporting and cultural tours that provide students with opportunities for interstate and overseas travel.



Co-curricular music is a vital part of life at Northholm and students are actively encouraged to participate in the extensive program. The participation of more than one third of the school in music ensembles demonstrates an extraordinarily high level of involvement and allows the school to offer a diverse range of activities.

Students of any age are able to select from many different instruments including woodwind, brass, string, percussion and vocal. Students have the opportunity to join one or several of the many groups on offer including Concert Bands, Stage Band, Choirs and Rock Bands as well as Flute, String, Percussion, Brass and Guitar ensembles. Students participate in a wide range of performance opportunities and successfully compete in both local and national competitions.


Drama productions for both the Middle School and the Senior School are also a feature of Northholm. Students are able to learn valuable skills as either members of the cast or crew. Lunchtime activities such Film Club and Theatre Sports give younger students a taste of the benefits of drama in the senior years.

Northholm also regularly enters teams in the annual Theatre Sports Competition.

Visual Arts

Additional art classes are offered to any Northholm student whose love of visual arts extends beyond the designated number of school hours. Classes after school or at lunchtime are given by practising artists in painting and drawing, photography and ceramics. Northholm students are regularly awarded prizes in a number of prestigious competitions.


A range of clubs are also on offer to Northholm students.

In Agriculture, the Poultry Club, Green Thumbs, Environmental Group and Bush Regeneration Club are very popular with students of different ages. We also offer Alpaca and Goat Clubs as well as several Show Teams for those students with an interest in cattle.

The Northholm Agriculture Trade Training Centre (NATTC) is utilised for many of the Club activities in this area.

Science Club gives students from Years Seven to Twelve the chance to extend their interest in scientific experiments while students from Years Five to Twelve are able to assist in the library by taking on the role of a library monitor.

Supervised Homework Club is available after school for any student who feels that some additional assistance in completing homework tasks or assignments would be beneficial.


Northholm encourages students to participate actively in a broad range of sports as we believe students learn a great deal about themselves through the physical and mental challenges of individual and team sports. The inclusive nature of our sports program promotes a positive attitude towards health and fitness and a love of physical activity for its own sake.

There are many opportunities for students to engage in healthy competition and the school has enjoyed a long tradition of sporting success. Northholm has been represented at state and national levels in a range of school sports including athletics, cricket, cross country, mountain biking, equestrian, football, rugby union, swimming and triathlon.

Students are also able to pursue their own particular sporting interests through local club sports as the school does not require them to participate in a Saturday sports program. Many of our students excel in these chosen sports.

Students are actively encouraged to participate in an extensive inter-school sports program that includes annual carnivals in athletics, cross country and swimming at both school and representative levels. They are also able to represent Northholm in any of the team sports offered as part of the after school sports competitions. While these may change according to the interests of our students, we have traditionally entered teams in basketball (summer and winter), cheerleading, cricket, equestrian, football, futsal, hockey, indoor cricket, netball, rugby union, snow sports, softball, swimming, tennis, touch football, triathlon and volleyball.

Ski Trip

In August each year, students and staff travel to the southern snowfields for an enjoyable weekend of skiing and snow sports.


Northholm has a very successful Equestrian Team who compete in a range of events throughout the year. While there are no equestrian facilities at the school there are opportunities for the agistment of horses on nearby properties.


Northholm aims to develop young people who are resilient, make good decisions, accept responsibility for their actions and decisions and demonstrate a high degree of competence in the outdoors. This is achieved through the camps program in Years Seven and Eight and in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme in the senior years. Students in Year Seven are introduced to the camps program through a three day camp at Lake Macquarie in their third week of school in Term One. The camp aims predominantly at building friendships and introduces students to a range of outdoor activities including canoeing, archery, initiative activities, rock climbing and abseiling.


As part of the outdoor education component in sport, Year Seven students also take part in an overnight hiking/canoeing expedition to Crosslands Reserve. Students are introduced to an outdoor experience in which they learn about the skills, campcraft and equipment required in this situation. In Year Eight, students participate in a three day outdoor education experience. This program builds on skills learned in Year Seven and promotes greater interaction between different social groups by challenging students to move out of their comfort zones.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme offers students the opportunity to both grow personally and connect with others and discover their potential through a range of new experiences including outdoor activities and community service.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, is available to any student from the age of 14 years and 9 months. This non-competitive scheme encourages students to take on new challenges for themselves. In each of the three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold – students are required to complete each of the four components – service, physical activity, skills and expedition. In addition, students who wish to complete the Gold level are required to complete a residential component. A school-based outdoor education specialist co-ordinates the scheme and provides students with the opportunity to complete the expeditions in bushwalking or canoeing.

Overseas Cultural Tours

Most years one or two cultural trips are organised for students to travel overseas, in the school holidays, with a group of teachers. Destinations are chosen to enrich students experience and exposure to cultures different to their normal lives or to experience a world event.


Leadership initiatives at each level of schooling offer students a number of age appropriate opportunities for students to discover and develop their leadership potential. Students are encouraged to participate in forums, debates, peer tutoring and mentoring programs as well as service programs and outdoor experiences. These activities are carefully planned and offer age appropriate challenges for both individuals and teams.

Leadership initiatives include the Prefect System, Leadership Program, Peer Support Training, Outdoor Education programs, Community Service and assistance at open days and school events. Some of the roles available to students of different ages include leadership of sports teams and music ensembles, Junior School Captains, School and House Captains and Prefect Portfolios.

Peer Support 

The Peer Support Program links new Year Seven students with Year Eleven students and new Year Five and Six students with Year Eight House Captains. The Peer Support Program encourages confidence, friendship and trust among students as they settle into their new school.

Year Eight Leadership 

The Year Eight Leadership Program promotes the development of independence, enthusiasm and commitment by encouraging younger students to take responsibility for a range of school activities, including input into Chapel Services, assemblies, school events and community service initiatives.

Year Eleven Leadership

The Year Eleven Leadership Program is a voluntary program that encourages leadership skills in young people. Students participating in this program take responsibility for the co-ordination of a broad range of service initiatives, including the organisation of charity events, assisting at school events and fundraising.


The Prefects play an important role in leading the Student Body. Portfolio Prefects have particular responsibilities in the co-curricular program and House Captains promote Inter-House competitions and encourage student involvement throughout the year.


Northholm has a strong commitment to community service and actively encourages students to look beyond themselves so that they develop a greater appreciation for the privileges they enjoy as part of their day to day existence. The school supports a number of charities and is involved in a number of local and international service projects. Further to this students from Kindergarten to Year Ten, together with teaching staff, participate in an annual Service Learning Week. During this week students and staff participate in a range of activities that make a difference to the lives of others while developing their own empathy and understanding of a number of critical social issues.